What we do

In our practice we take clients from the absolute beginning, from an initial consultation exploring your site and vision for your garden. From a rough sketch of ideas, to an initial plan and through to a final detailed design. From organising contractors to building and planting ourselves, as well as project managing. Finally, on to the completion of a beautiful and bespoke garden. The process usually includes:

1. Consultation.
An initial consultation and visit to asses the site and understand your wants and requirements and organise a site survey if necessary.
2. Outline garden plan.
An initial design is drawn and presented for your review. Any changes are made before a final detailed outline plan is drawn.
3. Planting plan.
A second drawing detailing each and every plant and their placement based on site requirements and, most importantly, your preferences. 

4. Construction drawings, scope of works and specification.
Any landscaping construction drawings are completed. These are used to build the structures in your garden from patios to retaining walls to pergolas. These are essential for contractors. 
5. Tender process and project management.
We then begin the process of creating your garden and source any necessary contractors. We oversee all aspects of the project to ensure your garden is realised to your plan.
6. Aftercare and maintenance.
Once your garden is complete we will return at necessary intervals to keep your garden looking its best.